We are a cloud based broadcasting platform that mixes online video streaming, mobile applications, closed IP digital networks, social media, set top boxes and foreign broadcast (satellite) opportunities into a single platform.

Utilizing a multi-genre broadcast model which is referred to as  "Over the Top" (OTT) broadcasting,  we are able to provide global content to include religious, technology, politics, business, entertainment, educational, health and lifestyle.  

Our platform is capable of bringing together any genre into a single portal, and combine online video streaming, mobile applications, social media, closed IP digital networks and foreign broadcast models that can be targeted towards  a select demographic or a general audience.

Our platform can be customized to fit any genre and/or broadcasting model to include;  live streaming , catch-up services  and video on demand. We are able to cost effectively deploy global (OTT)  broadcasting networks and channels very quickly.

Our services include; Analytics, Business Model Definition, Market Definition, Content Provisioning, Content Management, Content Licensing and Acquisition, Creation of Partitions and Channels/stations to  meet specific market requirements, Monetization and Marketing of Content.